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Floating Granite Ball Fountains Amaze and Interact

Floating granite ball fountains up to 10 feet in diameter mystify, attract and enthrall visitors. These beautiful balls, sculpted of highly polished granite, are painstakingly engineered to float on a thin layer of water. A little push of the hand starts the balls- which may weigh up to 84,000 pounds- rotating. This amazing sight fascinates and attracts visitors who, of course, want to give it a try.

As incredible as granite ball fountains appear, they are quite possible-- and more affordable than you may think. When pricing these fountains, however, be certain to ask for a granite sphere made in one piece, precisely machined and balanced, and a base stone that is equally precise. These features are necessary for the long life and perfect operation of your granite ball fountain.

All Hydro Dramatic products are of the highest quality and will be enduring, beautiful additions to your location. We'll be happy to discuss your questions about a granite ball fountain for your site.

Granite Ball Fountains by Hydro Dramatics

The Golden Moon Hotel and Casino
at the Pearl River Resort
Choctaw, Mississippi

Trade Show Display Fountain
Detroit, Michigan

St. Louis Children's Hospital
St. Louis, Missouri

Word of Life Church
St. Joseph, Missouri

Visitors are invited to push the floating granite ball in fountains like this one at Trinity Episcopal Church.

This granite ball fountain at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a soothing attraction for children and adults.


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