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There's More to a Fountain Than Meets the Eye

Fountains are often the stuff of dreams- designed to inspire, enthrall and attract visitors. However, executing concepts as they are envisioned takes a special kind of expertise. What gives Hydro Dramatics the edge in this respect is its operation as a division of the highly respected Missouri Machinery & Engineering Company.

By drawing on Missouri Machinery & Engineering Company's 75 years of water engineering/pump experience and developing a creative team of fountain experts, Hydro Dramatics has established itself as a premier American fountain company, with a pattern of steady growth since its beginnings in 1972.

The firm's fountain projects have run the entire gamut from small to large and from simple to one-of-a-kind complex. Among the types of projects Hydro Dramatics has handled across the nation and abroad are high-end residential, public park, botanical garden, corporate structures and monumental public art installations.

Over the years, world-class architectural firms, landscape architects, engineers, contractors and owners have relied on Hydro Dramatics for quality assistance in the mechanical and electrical designs of many of the nation's most renowned fountains.

Hydro Dramatics can design a simple site fountain or a complex interactive water feature like the Uncle Wilber Fountain.

The Denver Post calls The Uncle Wilber Fountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado, "only known fountain of its kind in the country."


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